Everybody that has been born has a natural human spirit. They live in a natural human body and think with a natural human mind (basically the soul of man).

In a broad sense, everybody is in the same boat in the respect to what I’ve just described. Everybody regardless of circumstances and situations will at some point have their natural life ended, whether by natural death or by the future time frames being played out. Each human being will face the same God, only One. Each will be judged according to His judgment that is based on the King James Version of His Word. That’s it. Then, there is Heaven for those who have obeyed God’s Truth and hell for those that for those that did not. Simple. Obedience vs. disobedience. The time will come when all disobedience will be separated from the obedient. Disobedience goes to Hell. One has to desire the Truth or they will never know it. One cannot be saved without knowing Truth. It is revealed from the Lord and that’s the only way a human is able to get a basic understanding of God’s plan for their life. Only God can open understanding. Only God. Each individual is different, but God knows how to reach them, if they are willing. Each human will be judged alone standing on nothing but what they have done regarding the Truth of God. That’s it. Heaven or hell, each human’s choice. Simple.