It is a fight, a supernatural fight, it is real. It governs every natural fight. And is the cause of every natural fight and problem. It is more real than a natural fight. The one you cannot see is more real. It is what causes all the problems from day that Adam gave satan dominion that God had given him.

You tough guys, think you are tough? You are nothing up beside the devil because he is supernatural and you are not. You tough guys, you gonna listen to him? While all the time he has a ring through your nose and leading and guiding you anywhere he wants and will end up in hell. No pun intended, but I guess that does make you a hella of a man? On the other hand the real tough one, ONE, is presented as a “sissy” and one that you are to sit so still in church because you being so reverent. Give me a holy break! You do not go to a football game and sit so holy, reverent, and still and quite, no, you are jumping and jelling because you are excited. If I just described you, you are not excited about Jesus. You do not have the revelation knowledge in Spirit and Truth, only head knowledge that either you dreamed up with all you high IQ or you are listening to the “preacher” occasionally. Listen occasionally, when it does not interfere with your agenda. If he is a false prophet it really doesn’t matter, just go boating for the week end. Definition of a false prophet? One that does not tell you the truth. You with the high IQ, tell me, why is there so many denominations? Furthermore, why so many “religions” and furthermore why are the denominations so religious? Some of you believe in two gods, some three, some three in one. Use that high IQ, does that make sense when the Lord God Almighty of Heaven and earth says He is the ONLY ONE and beside Him there in no savior and beside Him, He knows no other God? Your high IQ?, higher than the Almighty God, when you determine what is truth and what is not according to you own opinion? I can hear some of you saying, he thinks he has all the answers, no, I don’t. Let me ask you, did God put us in this perverted situation without the ability to hear Him and have the Truth in the Bible revealed to us? It’s simple. Three steps. (1) repentance (2) baptism in the Name of Jesus to remit sin record that all have because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and receive God’s Holy invisible Spirit into ones own natural human spirit. That puts you in the right ball park. Now, there is a race to be run. Now, there is fighting to be done, now, there are decisions to be made. The One invisible Holy Spirit of God that is forever and never changes impregnated Mary and produced Himself a body. When you see the ONE sitting on the throne, it will be the ONE John described in Rev Ch 1.